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 Pixie Science is a trusted and renowned psychic service located in the Country Side  of Savannah, Georgia. With  focus on love and relationships, I have used my gifts to help countless individuals find clarity and direction in matters of the heart. I am committed to providing accurate, compassionate, and personalized guidance to all my clients.

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“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” —Gail Sheehy


 As a small child growing up in West Philly I paid close attention to the actions and words of the adults around me. People would refer to me like I was worthless, poor, dirty and I started believing them. My self-esteem was as low as it could go. Every cruel word or action contributed to the negative self-image that followed me thru to adulthood. I spent most of my childhood defending myself and standing my ground in the name of emotional self-preservation. 

  As a young adult, I began to understand that I could overcome all the negative thoughts. I started understanding the positive in every interaction with people. I realized that I cannot control the thoughts, actions, or words of people, but I certainly can control my reaction to them.

 Through the years, I had failed relationships, insane friendships and deep family turmoil. My inner critic would say, “see its you…you are the common factor and you are unworthy and useless”. I still got up every day, prepared for the worst but always hoped for the best which became a self-fulfilling cycle. The worst usually happened because I expected it and feared it. Even if nothing bad had happened, I would insist something extra bad would happen the next day. 

 I had fleeting moments of gratitude, love, joy and abundance, but my mindset did not change. I was still very worried and scared all the time. Living that way took a toll on my spirit, mind and body. I have battled chronic inflammation that has affected my quality of life since my early 20’s. Prayer, physical therapy and pharmaceuticals kept me moving but couldn’t change my negative mindset. Every day was a struggle. Before I changed my thinking and lifestyle I was a mental mess. We all have a past that shaped our mindset. Good or bad, our life experiences influence our future.
The AMAZING thing is we can change our lives!!! You have the Power within you!! You need to learn how to tap into your abilities and gifts. That is why I am here. I am a mindset mentor, psychic and energy healing. DO NOT spend another day stuck! Your life and energy are meant to flow. 

I want to share my strategies on how to overcome the challenges, so you don't have to struggle.  

I wish you peace love and happiness.  You deserve that and more.  



Love ~ Nancy